Ancestral Connection

The Ancestors are some of our most powerful spirit guides and protectors. Connecting to them can provide a wealth of inspiration, guidance and gifts. We often speak of the Ancestors as being people who are related to us by blood. But did you know that everyone has three sets of Ancestors?

These are Ancestors of our Blood Lineage, Ancestors of our Soul Lineage, and Ancestors of Place. Through four experiential classes, you will learn to connect to your three lineages to support your spiritual practice and life path.

Four Saturdays 

7pm – 9pm CET

6pm – 8pm GMT

1pm – 3pm EST

10am – 12pm PST

Class 1, Introduction to Ancestor Work:

  • Why work with the Ancestors
  • Shrines, altars, and ancestral honouring
  • Well versus unwell Ancestors and why it matters
  • Why protection is so important when working with the Ancestors
  • Your three Ancestral Lineages: Ancestors of Blood, Soul and Place
  • Guided shamanic journey to connect to an Ancestral Guide
  • Q&A and sharing
  • Optional assignments

Class 2, Ancestors of Place:

  • Ancestors of Place: who and what are they?
  • Ancestors of the land, "plantcestors" and other natural allies
  • Building a shrine to the Ancestors of Place
  • Guided shamanic journey to connect to a well Ancestor of Place
  • Q&A and sharing
  • Optional homework

Class 3, Ancestors of Blood:

  • Our four lineages of Blood Ancestors
  • Evaluating the spiritual wellness of our lineages
  • If they're not well, they're just dead people: how to tell the difference, how to protect yourself
  • Lineage/Ancestral Healing and how it works
  • Creating an altar to your well Ancestors
  • Guided shamanic journey to connect to a well Ancestor of Blood
  • Q&A and sharing
  • Optional homework

Class 4, Ancestors of Soul:

  • Who are our Soul Ancestors?
  • The different types of Ancestral Soul
  • Reincarnation, the oversoul, and our soul's path
  • Creating an altar to your Soul Essence
  • Guided shamanic journey to connect to a well Ancestor of Soul
  • Q&A and sharing
  • Closing Ceremony

You'll receive:

  • 8 hours of instruction and Ancestral Connection
  • Helpful handouts and homework assignments 
  • A Supportive community of likeminded people
  • Recordings of all the sessions

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I'm Iris and I'm a shaman, healer and seer.

I'm a natural channel with the ability to be a bridge between the spirit world and ours.

I've got 13 years of experience of shamanic journeywork, healing, and leading circles and a lifetime of communicating with spirit.

I've helped hundreds of clients find their own alchemy of transformation and I'd love to help you, too!

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    What others say

    “My healings with Iris have been so touching and so very accurate and truthful, completely targeting areas that no one else has been able to. I feel so blessed and it’s so beautiful to have my deepest past issues healed and nurtured in a safe and relaxed setting. So wonderful and breath taking”. – Irene

    “Iris is a wonderful human being, she is kind, loving, joyful and has a very strong presence. She is an amazing listener and immediately makes you feel safe. She taught me how to journey so I could develop my connection to my guides and spirit animals and do self-healing. She helped me clear ancestral burdens and identify their gifts in this life. She’s had an incredible impact on my life through deep healing and opening new realms of possibilities.” – Delphine

    “The first time I saw Iris I was totally lost and I needed help. After I met her my life changed a lot in a positive way. She helped me to be more grounded. I learned how to contact my spirit guides who always support me on my path. But maybe the most important is that I came out of my own drama. She has guided me to expand my intuition and to rediscover who I am. She is a big gift in my life and I am very grateful to her.” – Karine

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